Fogging and Sanitising Cleaning Services in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Fogging and Sanitising. For Your Safety!  

Fogging and Sanitising Cleaning Services in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Fogging and Sanitising. For Your Safety!  

Fogging Cleaning Services in Edinburgh. How can we Help?

The coronavirus has taken the world by storm.  To combat this virus, people across the world have put in the months of efforts to self-isolate and continued this with social distancing, gloves and masks.  

Owning a business, you always take care of your employees and ensure your clients/consumers are safe. There may be a means for you to continue protecting them.   

To assist you and your business, we offer a fogging and sanitisation service to release disinfectant throughout your premises covering any surface, killing and keeping the area safe for a predetermined amount of time—this process called Bio Fogging.

How does this work? Fogging disperses a mist that will cover surfaces (even the hard to reach places) and kills 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Not only that, but the mist also protects the service from the virus spreading to that area again for a set period of time.

Coronavirus Cleaning. Discussion ongoing in The Gyle Edinburg

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    Some of our Fogging and Sanitising Services

    Regular Covid Cleaning

    As a business owner, there could be a couple of reasons for performing a regular clean:

    • Your employees are & will be starting back to work. They may find the extra assurance of the coronavirus cleaning services, increasing their morale and can perform more confidently.
    • Your customers, knowing that you have put in extra measure for their safety may come back to your restaurant/shop/hotel faster as well as it may be a unique selling point and a competitive edge against your competitors.

    We can also provide covid19 cleaning services for public buildingsindustrial plants as well as  public transport.

    All disinfectants used are safe for humans, and your surroundings will remain undisturbed - just cleaner!

    One-Off Coronavirus Cleaning 

    Are you going to open up your offices for the first time? If so our COVID-19 fogging service may be a great opportunity to avail of a one-off clean!  

    This service is also ideal for schools, universities, restaurants, cinemas, shops, salons and even health care facilities.

    Our experienced teams are involved in implementing our fogging services, and they are applying the most current equipment and anti-bacterial disinfectants.

    Helpful Guidelines

    • If you have been in contact with a coronavirus and you are feeling ill with a cough, difficulty breathing or fever, stay at home and call your health care provider.
    • Frequently wash your hands, for 20 seconds, using hot soapy water
    • When you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth and nose with tissue or sleeve, not your hands.
    • Clean and disinfect surfaces regularly.


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    Common Fogging and Deep Clean Questions we get at Edinburgh Cleaning Services

    What's included in deep cleaning a house?

    A: Stolen from our Home Page. 

    deep clean is where we move all the furnishings to ensure nothing is missed, (Of course we'll put them all back where they belong), and after that, we ensure our cleaners provide the best clean possible. We can steam clean, shine the windows, clean underneath furniture, dust, hoover and wipe the skirting boards, clean the oven, again the list is endless.

    How often should a house be deep cleaned?

    A: The standard answer across the interweb is either twice a year or four times a year. Standard regular cleans only clean so deep.....

    How do I disinfect surfaces during the coronavirus disease pandemic?

    A: There are various "internet recommended" methods ranging from bleach to vinegars that allow you to "self disinfect" your home. From experience we know that this can be effective if the correct materials are used and you get into ALL the affected areas.

    In our experience, we've found that home fogging, which puts out a fine mist, is MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE in getting into all the affected areas with the added benefit of being totally consistent in killing virus and bacteria. 

    Is fumigation effective against the coronavirus disease?

    A: Sanitising and Fogging is now the recommended and supported method by the environmental agencies, councils, agencies etc

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