Edinburgh Office Cleaning & Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Office Cleaning & Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Office Cleaning Services. How Can We Help?

Office cleaning is not just an expense; it is also an investment. The cleanliness of your premises has an impact on both your customers and your employees.

As your customers enter your premises, the cleanliness is your clients' first impression, and you don't want that to be a negative experience.

From your employee perspective, a hygienic atmosphere will increase employee morale, and thus your retention will increase, leading to fewer costs on recruitment and training of new personnel!

So in conclusion, keeping your company premises clean and sanitised is a fantastic investment in the long term running of your company.

a male employee professionally cleaning the restaurant

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    Contract Office Cleaning

    our professional cleaner can clean high ceilingsHeavy traffic, early morning breakfast at the desks, conference room client lunches and daily use of the common areas and washrooms mean that dirt and dust tend to build up very fast. And, that doesn't even take into consideration of the invisible to the naked eye, bacteria growing on keyboards, telephones, desks.

    A professional cleaning schedule once or twice a week could work for some businesses, but your needs may require a bit more.

    Our corporate customers have scheduled office cleaning service that entails :

    • rug/carpet vacuuming;
    • mopping the tile floors;
    • bathroom and toilet sanitising;
    • replacing the bin bags daily;
    • desk equipment wiping & more;
    • washing kitchen, plates, glasses and silverware;
    • or even water the plants!;


    Commercial Cleaning

    a hotel lobby wtih large windows that needs to be cleanedAre you looking for a one-off clean sprucing up your company's offices? Or a regular cleaning visit? Our team will ensure your business is consistent and bacterial neutral for your customers. Our commercial cleaners work tirelessly, cleaning every surface and cleaning every floor to eliminate bacteria so that you can rest easy and focus on your business.

    Coffee shops, restaurants, nursing homes, as well as industrial premises, these are some of the commercial premises our cleaning company have worked in.

    Get started today by enquiring with a member of our team about booking our affordable, reliable commercial cleaning services.

    Regular Cleaning

    Our cleaning company provides a tailor-made service for commercial cleaning services needs because no two business are precisely the same. Different cleaning frequencies, the footfall, and size of the premises are a few characteristics that make your business unique.  

    Our objective is to partner with you and develop a programme & budget to suit your specific needs

    One of our team leads will visit your premises review of what is needed and gather your requirements; this will allow that: 

    • we can review the premises firsthand, and provide recommended services, also 
    • You can discuss any, nuances with your business, and/or if you have any unique requests

    Our team leader will then discuss the plan with yourself, confirming the budget-friendly programme meets your objectives.

    After the first month or service, we will revisit the programme, ensuring we meet your expectations.


    One-off Office Cleaning

    Sound familiar?

    • So are you having a company function, and you need to ensure the location is spotless?
    • Have you just signed a lease on a new business office and you need help getting the space just right for your employees?  
    • The new renovations are coming along perfectly in the retail outlet, but you need to clean up all the dust?

    The one-off cleaning scenarios are precisely why our cleaning company is here for you. We are prepared to take on each of those challenges, and below are some of the items we will do to ensure everything is shiny new when you return.

    All areas of the Premise

    • mop all floors
    • vacuum floors & stairs,
    • dust/wipe all surfaces, furniture, window sills and skirts
    • polish stairs rails, light switches and sockets
    • empty bins & Remove cobwebs
    • wipe & dust behind radiators

    If Bathrooms are needed

    • scrubbing sinks, showers and sinks, including the removal of limescale and soap scum
    • deep clean of all wall tiles from floor to ceiling
    • complete toilet sanitisation
    • mirrors and window cleaning

    If kitchens are needed

    • wipe cupboard exteriors, 
    • clean countertops & wall tiles 
    • scrub sinks and taps
    • clean inside microwave, & the stove/hob
    • clean kettle and toaster
    • wipe large appliances  
    • empty and wash bins

    If you require more detailed clean

    • all interior & external windows 
    • venetian blinds
    • inside: oven, fridge and freezer, kitchen cupboards & drawers, wardrobes and drawers
    • Carpet steaming 
    • Floor steaming


    Our Cleaning Professionals

    Our cleaning company thoroughly interviews and vets all our professional cleaners. We take pride in know that our professionals are trained and are certified/licensed if required for your cleaning needs.

    Key Industrial Cleaning Services

    Window Cleaning

    Natural light does wonders for our customers' perception & employees' morale and productivity. Our expert window cleaners can help with turning hand smudges as well as the spotty & discoloured windows into crystal clear glass!

    Whether you are an office complex, a small storefront or a large retail complex, our team have the right window solution for you.

    Our full range of services includes:

    • internal and external cleaning;
    • sash and case;
    • tilt and turn window;
    • jammed windows;

    Some of our past window cleaning projects included these industries:

    • end of tenancy window cleaning
    • restaurants & pubs
    • hotels
    • office blocks
    • shopfronts
    • conservatories
    • conventional window cleaning

    Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

    The fresh smell of new furniture, everyone loves it. If your furniture is looking worn or there is an odour that you do not recognise, it is time to call us, so your customers, visitors and employees into a clean, safe and healthy environment.  

    Over time unsightly spots, and set-in contaminants like dust, allergens, dead skin cells and oils work their way into furniture fabric of sofas, chairs, office partitions, fabric panels and other upholstered items.  

    Our upholstery cleaners use their expert techniques, equipment and specially designed products, to remove these blemishes and allergens restoring the furniture and fresh smell.


    Our cleaning professionals have the experience and equipment to remove the offensive odours lingering.

    office cleaning where no germ is safe

    Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet cleaning is one of the office cleaning services we offer. Our staff will strive to make your rugs and carpets looking brand new, no matter how stubborn those stains are!

    One of the best ways to keep those carpets looking fresh is to clean them regularly.

    Key benefits of the continual upkeep are:  

    • longer Life;
    • reducing the level of allergens;  
    • decreasing the growth of mould;
    • highlight if repairs are needed earlier;

    Our professional carpet cleaners use non-toxic detergents that are child and pet safe!

    We are are a cleaning company that is up to date with the very latest cleaning products and techniques.

    Floor Cleaning

    We have years of practice cleaning vinyl, tile, and hardwood floors. We use our expertise in tripping & waxing, sealing, buffing to remove scratches and scuff marks and turn them into beautiful and sparkling floors.

    The key benefit for engaging with us to take care of maintaining your floors will prevent you from replacing them in the future – saving you money in the long run.

    End of Tenancy cleaning

    You are managing an office building, and your tenants have ended their commercial lease?  Our team can assist in the depth cleaning process to get the retail or office space sparkling so you can confidently market it to the next business

    Common Questions about Office Cleaning by Edinburgh Cleaning Services

    What is included in office cleaning?

    A: Our duties contain but are not limited to

    Empty bins and reline where required, Dust and Wipe agreed areas, windows, desks, worktops etc. Hoover carpeting and mop hard floors. Clean kitchens and bathroms where required. Disinfect as required.

    How much does it cost to clean an office?

    A: This depends on the office size and what the requirements are. We have clients who want full open plan offices cleaned to clients who wnat us to clean their four portacabins plus toilet area. Our normal pricing ranges from £22 per hour plus vat for standard activities, more for deep cleaning and builders cleans.

    How do you professionally clean an office?

    A: See above, What is included in office cleaning?


    Please note we provide cleaning for much more than Offices. Some examples being - Nursing Homes, Residential Homes, Pubs, Restaurants, Industrial Units, Builder Cleans and many more.......

    Ready for a new cleaning experience?